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i just can't get this to work. it always crashes for me after i select to start a new project or open an existing project. this is the output i get in rectitude's app data folder:

io :: C:\Program Files\data\images\icon64x64.png True

io :: prj dir C:/Users/merry/rectitude projects/test

rectitude.ui.ogl.minimal_triangle :: Vertex shader compilation error: ERROR: 0:1: '' :  incorrect GLSL version: 460

ERROR: 0:11: 'proj' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:11: 'view' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:11: 'model' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:11: 'vtx_position' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:11: 'constructor' : not enough data provided for construction 

ERROR: 0:13: 'v_color' : undeclared identifier 

ERROR: 0:13: 'vtx_colour' : undeclared identifier

any idea how i can fix this?

Hello samallman87,
Thank you for trying rectitude :) and sorry for the trouble.

This is a OpenGL Error complaining your graphic card is not compatible with the 4.6 version of OpenGL. The 4.6 version was released 5 years ago but old (or not updated) laptop or PC might not support it.
A driver update could fix it.

If it doesnt work, could you tell me what kind of machine you have ? ( More specifically what graphic card model.  )
I can investigate.

ahh, i was hoping it wasn't something like that. yes, i'm on an old machine. i'm actually using bootcamp on a 2015 macbook air which only has an integrated intel hd graphics 5000 as the gpu. is there anything i can do to get this to work or am i out of luck completely?

I am sorry but I think you are out of luck. According to wikipedia ( , this integrated model supports on up to OpenGL 4.3 on windows and 4.1 on mac. 4.3 was released 11 years ago. And the bootcamp part problably limits even more what is actually possible on that laptop.

bummer!! thank you for the info

This is incredible!

is development still being done on this application?


Yes, but the next release is quite big. so I take my time. It shouldn't be too long though. But I have no excuse for more blogpost. I'll try to fix that.

thanks for answering my question


You may want to look at :

This is another important piece to get most of the power from rectitude.

Do you plan to release a version for Linux at some point?


Maybe. Most of the code is platform agnostic, so this is mostly a time problem.

Alright, I will keep this tool in mind then.

I, too, would love a Linux (or even OSX) version, if you ever do it.

thank you for the feedback, I'll think about it.

How should I send bug reports?

thank you for testing :)

You can send them here :