A downloadable tool

Warning : We are in this beta-phase. So, crashes and turbulences are expected. Not too many, but some might be curse-worthy. Yep, I know. I'll do my best to make this stage as short as possible. Help me there and send me bug reports.

Rectitude is cool, and loves you. With it, you can;

  • Build parametric pixel-art images
  • reuse them into bigger ones, up to a parametric scene?
  • export them as png (more format coming)

For example :

  • create parametric pixel-art texture or blocks (like the stone wall in the screeshots)
  • build an army of semi-random spaceships
  • easily build a complex cityscape
  • etc.

You only need to learn 4 things :

  1. how to add a node to the graph,
  2. how to connect nodes,
  3. how to use the basic transform nodes : cut, move, enlarge, colorize, etc. (not too hard, right ?)
  4. how to change properties of the value nodes
  5. how to export the generated 3d object.

Have fun. Curse a little.

Offer me a beer, or better, buy the software now, and you'll offer me a beer when we see each other.