Updated the price. Still PWYW.


I have updated the price of Rectitude as the new animation capabilities are really a game changer. 
I moved it from $15 to $20. But Rectitude is still Pay What You Want. 

Animation capabilities

The UI for animation is still a bit obscure but the part on the engine is done. The idea is quite simple actually add a start time and end time to rectangles ( or rects ).
The workflow is quite simple :
- use the set start time and set end time to control in which frame a rect is present.
- export to MP4. 

Still Pay What You Want. 

I don't change the Pay What You What part because the documentation is still sparse, the demo rare, etc. 
But I will maybe create an animation asset pack ($5) to correct that. 

So, until next time,

take care and tell me what you think. 


rectitude.exe 290 MB
Version 2021-03-20 Mar 20, 2021

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