Release Log for 2021-01-12 Version.

New Version 2021-01-12

Another intermediary release because it has been too long since the last one.
A lot of things are moving forward, the goal is too have a fully stabilized version before I release the first resource pack ( parametric pixel art skies ).  The pack is finished but I need a bit more time on the code : a few things works probably works only with my setup.
But don't worry, except for those new feature, this version should be better, stronger, faster than the last. ( daft punk pun intended ) .

The main interesting features for most user will be :

1. increased performance.

2. Display of int values ( which is very useful when you work with noise )

3. Disconnectors placed at each end of connections instead of one in the middle.

There are a few new useful transforms ( focused on int values ) : 

  • Count ints
  • Cycle ints
  • Insert Int Between
  • Remap Ints

The following features are in beta, and be unstable or uncomplete.

1. Quick change between graph and sub graph.

2. Animated GIF export.

3. Log window

ChangeLog :

The complete changelog is MASSIVE though. You see why I wanted to package a version.

1fae4a6d performance : specific disc transform ( instead of a graph in stblib )
9acd477e performance : timing elements
fbc7af8e feature : export to gif (1st working version )
ce2f4599 feature : for player mode : splash screen at start, and error dialog for deactivated functionalities.
141dc197 bugfix : correction on colorless rect for cythonized rectbatch
0205a881 (origin/pyqt5) vscode settings
6fb87cb0 misc.
25e189df performance : moving around colorize
8856a198 bugfix : extending list mode to numpy array
98c52003 performance : cythonizing rectbatch, faster cython split w/ cython vectors, moving colorize, cyythonizing int_remap
567c280b preformance : better max time for rendering udpate
d4f03a21 core : faster allocation
e3bf3e6e core : usage of fast vector
d04e4ab3 bugfix : better mngt of sync streams
945bba47 bugfix : edge case on merge
5a304c31 bugfix : remap_int edge case + discretification in repeat_inc
23329084 core :  meta information on output slot
9b11eccc core : lock on on parent_change.
3f500453 core : either extension
8ee61c63 bugfix : int result display
e76fc5c4 bugfix : correct is_finite for ResetableListIterator
11c5def2 feature : dialog for import from another project
7811d75a feature : dialog for import from another project
e592fa5c ui : css extensino from import from another project dialog
8cd61a94 feature : import graph from another project. dialog + more control
e7672031 performance : export on demand ( instead of prepared everytime ) and threaded.
909baa39 feature : in integer transforms, converting when possible result in a finite form. so it can be displayed.
5e171786 feature : in integers transforms converting when possible into a finite result. so it can be displayed
3e58ac7c bugfix : transforms was returning float.
a0c686c7 cleaning : removing print.
16c27046 bugfix : considering numpy arrays as finite streams.
61df0b79 feature : keep the position and size of the logger window
24d7fac0 feature : display finite streams of integers
82ed1368 cleaning : removing dependance.
98cfb0ae feature : 2 disconnector, one at each end, on graph edge.
26730d2e profiling : removing profiling on assign_new_state and putting on load.
e58d4994 cleaning : better, uniform and centralized config. also cleaning log
e3f5f150 bugfix : testing the signal because it is absent when closing the app
254dce62 bugfix : removing version number on splash
a29ae6cd feature : multiple splash screens.
57c3bc20 bugfix : slope
7e306757 bugfix : slope.
afbef015 feature :  update of documentation generation for superlinear node
0d6a280e bugfix : correct detection of the need for save.
05ae0be2 bugfix : spelling mistake
f44a4713 bugfix : edge case in case of no steps sent to the interp.
73898135 feature : open graph menu in graph canvas
fc7448d1 bugfix : incorrect recreation on insert event ( coming through undo most of the time )
bcfa004b feature : filestack.
2207b75a bugfix : correct luminance if fast color impl.
8c490d7a feature : log window
10a6edbb bugfix : rect-split, correct order of operands
5153d9ad feature : integration in base catalog of slope, remap_int, color_mix.
cc6c10d5 feature : cleaning because faster cython fbm, see commit before
539503a3 feature : slope node, that is a simplified derivative.
d39496e1 feature : better meta info (g.MANY) on the output slot of extract color
016c73bc feature : color mix ( python part )
3f1728ed feature : faster cython noise
e5932360 infra : updating setup so the cython noise can use numpy
58a63e35 bugfix : correct path management of recent projects
8cbc50d2 feature : color mix between 2 colors according to a stream of percentage.
3e8bacc7 bugfix : node was not working when rects had color.
732c680f bugfix : correct write dependencies. better logging of errors in dependencies
81131572 feature : better log message
d0f212c6 debug : adding profiling to the export
7a7a528e bugfix : bette management of errors in import from another project
57e45f80 bugfix : better management of error in import from another project
dd752ec0 feature : cython implementation of fbm
52f52066 feature : cython implementaion of fbm
96798f1d bugfix (partial) : recent project that were not existing anymore were listed
bc9ec52d bugfix : couldnt delete comment node
6fbf5c4b bugfix : removing print and adding proper logger
6df0478e bugfix : repeating but empty iterator were not sopped correctly
fcaf3af9 Feature : Random Int Repartition Node
904bc0ef bugfix : set int tag value was bugged.
d349a1f8 feature : add "Count ints" and "Insert Between" transforms
cac40c74 feature : new arity type and management.
5914b1a5 cleaning
26b41c6f feature : integrating cycle int into the lib
457e53f6 feature : integration sort tag by value into the lib
6c94e353 feature : adding cycle int stream + a few fixe on slot desc
64fb96c0 lib update : method name change for latest version.
ca9db350 feature/buugfix : better mngt of get tag value
efacb495 feature : adding sort by tag value node.
3b436f7c bugfix : correct mngt of None as the symbol for an absence of color.
54202747 bugfix : set_int_value_tag fix on output slot and string template
586e9af2 feature : property mngt of enums + fix on is_()
f94f0beb v : 2020-09-14. ( fix on repeat rect )


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Version 2021-01-12 Jan 23, 2021

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