Hop, hop, new release !

So I made a release. I should do a summary but I am lazy and the list below is quite long :

bugfix : aligning the profiling api for the packaged build
bugfix : svg export without gap.
dev / profiling : adding the number of time a graph is called
dev : cleanup. removing unused, misguided code
dev : removing the engine iterator, that seems useless
dev : removing print
dev : profiling with the number of times a graph is called
bugfix : fixing the timing sessions
feature : absolute value added to catalog
bugfix : remap int returns int instead of uint
feature : get center of rectangle and chebyshev distance in the rectangle module
feature : absolute value node
dev : removing print
bugfix : correct negative distance for chebyshev distance
bugfix : protecting fbm versus incorrect input
feature : dragging view with shift+left click
dev : rect rust module. wip
dev :  giving write access to point type attributes.
feature : dragging view with shift+left click
feature : adding multiply node to the points module
feeature : adding translate to the rectangle module
bugfix : correcting undefined inputs ( giving weird output )
bugfix : correct orientation for svg export
feature : adding the line in the point module
feature : get position ( as point )
bugfix : error mngt for file load fail
bugfix :  io mngt of noise
bugifx  : correct error mngt on file load fail
misc : formatting
misc : changing max for int
bugfix : shared points and triangles values and IO mngt for noise
feature : adding positioning rects from a list of points
bugfix : better error mngt of json
misc bugfix and empty lines removal
bugfix : inheritance missing. was crashing on the parsed check
feature : adding the noise module, still need io mngt
feature : adding a grid for points module
bugfix : crash because subgraphs were shared accross instances of graphref.
dev : debugging the crash on double use
dev : debug infrastructure for the current crash.
bugfix : yield in all case.
dev : debug infrastructure for the current crash.
feature : offscreen capture with proper filepath
feature : offscreen capture with proper filepath
bugfix : correct default folder in the get_export_file
bugifx : documentation
Merge branch 'pyqt5' of bitbucket.org:lbarret/reactive2 into pyqt5
bugfix : was returning instead of yielding in case of empty inputs
feature : correct buffer and camera placement for offscreen rendering. + small cleanup camera code
dev : clean up of empty execution group
dev :  checks
feature : adding chebyshev distance
bugfix : avoiding executing twice the node task node because it is present twice in the execution groups
bugfix : aligning the types on the checks in model slot creation
dev : cleanup
feature : first draft of offscreen rendering.
bugfix : better log message  so i can track the progress of correcting the incomplete node configurations
bugfix : generator not same behavior between reducer and op
feature : adding color to the point data type. enabling test for multithreading.
bugfix : avoiding the multiple exception in the qt logger when another exception happens
fix : removing print
io : avoiding the multiple addition to the catalog list, trying to gather all the items then changing the catalog list in one sweep
io : avoiding the parsin of the slot description for each node creation
bugfix : crash on empty item in merge_rects. TEMP. should be fixed upstream.
dev : trying to get some way to validate the multithreading in rust
catalog : merge operation for points
bugfix : due to qt version change
infra : updating requirement, commenting the modules non installable via pip
rendering : making generic some ops
bugfix :returning the task
features : display for point type
infra: re-integrating the timing sessions module
refactopring : adding a line to content pycharm
refactoring : slight cleaning.
export : first try at exporting what is visible.
perf : optim on rotate. avoiding multiple memory alloc.
ui : updating the ainwin with new, better management for qt resources file (.qrc ). see notion for detail
refactoring : cleaning some unused import
bugfix : shader change to accomodate the opengl version, how that things was working before ?
bugfix : colorize was crashing when the color stream was longer than the triangle stream
bugfix : type change because qt version change
perf : avoiding the multple clearing of the catalog tree widget.
bugfix : import change because python version change
updated requirements
infra :  settings from laptop
dev : better logging of subgraphs
bugfix : correct behavior for cycling TriangleIterator
dev : better repr for iterators
infra : task system, execution groups, etc
infra : sink item creation becomes generic
catalog : update on triangle stream
catalog & infra : rust code on another thread
log : warning for func without context
catalog & infra : rust code on another thread
bugfix : correct value type for triangles.
bugfix : value creation wasn't working for points
bugfix : interpolate bugs, infra : update requirements, bugfix : correct vocabularies mngt when creating projecct
feature : svg export for rects and reactive export options ( disabled menu item if nothing to export )
experimental : asset cache
version update
experimental : offscreen renderer
version update thing
bugfix : json reading errors
refactoring : splitting methods so we can call it from the graph
feature : capturing comment
bugfix : backup file cannot be read sometimes
fast update
ui update
catalog : adding add_index_tag
refactoring : generic api
fast module :update
refactoring : changes for the generic api
refactoring : following  the change in data storage
refactoring : more generic renderable api
performance+ux : faster drawing of graph && better layout for nodes
ui : change
catalog : integrating triangles, points modules, integrating exporter
bugfix : small fix
catalog : adding modulo
catalog : adding add index tag
refactoring : generic rendering queues
performance : turning nodes into reducer
refactoring : edit, on constructor
catalog : triangles module, with proper generic interface
catalog : vectors modules, with proper generic interface
catalog : adding color for the triangles modules
bugfix : avoiding a signal from from color widgets to make the file modifier during loading
catalog : substraction change to make it more natural
refactoring : extending the api for the new modules
refactoring : extending the iterator api for the new module
developer : daily folder for profiling saves
developer : debug overlay for ui debug
catalog : extending rust point module
performance : using simplejson to speed up io
bugfix : filtering fake events
catalog : changing the fbm to have a case_y inputs, to have a better control over the fbm function
refactoring : quick rename
performance : copy  color stream instead of multiple constructors, way faster
bugfix : fixing edge case when bounding box is empty
feature+fix : adding node to compute distance between stream of rects and an ugly fix for interpolate which was crashing on some inputs
dev : updating the rust point module + new packaged types ( triangles and vectors )
ui : remove stylesheet loading and a few ui adjustments
ui : better layout and clearer ownership for widgets
bufix : changing size in-node panel goes beyond the area of the containing node
ui : better in node property panel layout + a bit of debug info
bugfix : crash when interpolating empty list of rect
ui : update css for better spacing and less special cases in widget stylesheets
infra : clean-up ogl viewer
ui : updating container form
infra : removing usused and obsolete files
infra ; clean-up spinner and main window
infra : add debug qt widget to identify widget under cursor
infra : block exit when launched from cli
refactoring : formating.
bugfix : int stream were not rendered correctly if they were over 1000
bugfix : save the correct pos of node in the graph panel
bugfix : non colored rect are not rendered
bugfix : last focus management pb solved for properties in graph
bugfix : almost correct management of scroll in graph, in and out of in-graph properties
layout : trying some adjustments for properties in node
infra : needed for engine listener.
infra : cleaning + slight adjustment on margins for properties in node
infra : cleaning
infra : cleaning
feature : (continued) inline widget in node
infra : removing old way to add data to buffer.
bugfix : on empty indices
infra : cleanup and debug flag for rendering
bugfix : correct exit when empty data
feature : change default drag button
bugfix : correct treatment of receive empty value
infra : tuning rendering constants and using cython version in data_container
infra : avoid copying list at end of engine iterator
feature : adding inline property edition in graph nodes
infra : better control on endless iterator to profile
refactoring : order of creation to use typing info
infra : adding rendering logger
infra : align cython version of rect_stream on the python version
fix : no crash on file command line arg not existing
infra : new rendering infra
fix : correct start and stop of spinner ( via proper timer refactoring )
fix : adding test on whether the rect batch gets empty during the loop
fix : correct start and stop of spinner ( via proper timer refactoring )
feature : make background of visibility and animation bar transaparent
feature : control the loading of the stdlib or not. main window part
bugfix : correct time slice when start time or end time don't exist on a rect ( in a rect stream )
refactoring : limiting output of the message of "no doc" to the non value nodes
refactoring : better group by interval.
refactoring : overlay.
infra : removing code and putting in optional comments. possibly to integrate later
bugfix : not filtering the colorless rects in the data container. ( provides correct rendering for colorless rects ). also flipping option for rect as numpy array
bugfix : not filtering the colorless rects in the data container. ( provides correct rendering for colorless rects )
feature : export default folder selected when exporting
feature : export mp4 with alpha ( default black background )
feature : the animation and visibility toolbar qtforms ( I forgot ) + the updated stylesheet.
infra : adding command line argument to enable direct loading
features : mixin for styled widget and small bugfix on the internal state of the animation toolbar
bugfix : correct filtering.
bugfix : wrong word
feature : merging the data structure for rendering and export. and fixing / finishing the animation toolbar.
infra :  req before chalet
many things : fix on color, slider for colors in properties, open config in notepad(++)
version : 2021-07-11
bugfix : bugfix : saveas + filestack usage wasn't loading correctly the duplicate.
feature : auto-placement of value nodes when created by another node.
bugfix : copied value not having the original's name
bugfix +  feature : correct implementation for interpolation. ( hard )
bugfix : aligning mouse movement and view move
feature : color average + colro vocabulary
bugfix : missing unregister on parent was triggering infinite loop of event
feature : color average node + color vocabulary
bugfix : saveas + filestack usage wasn't loading correctly the duplicate.
bugfix : better clearing of preview
bugfix : correct handling of signal for when app closes
misc : reordering import
bugfix : better annotation for the input and output slots
bugfix & performance : rect_set_difference now keeps order. + speed improvement
feature : adding the resize, set_width, set_height transforms
Version : 2021-05-26
bugfix : ctrl-click was not working with main slots
Version : 2021-05-24
bugfix : fixing the minimum size of log window
bugfix : minimum size for the import graph window
bugfix  : reordering the listeners. to fix. something.
feature : integration the new transform, mostly through the new vocab
misc : ...
experimental : trying without success another way to compute interpolation
experimental : trying without success another way to compute interpolation
feature : disconnect with ctrl+click, values follows node connected to  ( if only one ), auto-creation of values for transform
feature : adding rect_current_and_next node.
bugfix :  correcting the order of the last recent project. with the most recent one at the top.
bugfix : correct default size of comment node and adding the necessary method for the node interface.
bugfix : correct display of connected values in property panel.
feature : adding the true_every_x node and converting to the vocabulary format
version : 2021-05-17
misc : adjustement on nodes
performance : faster rect_set_difference with spatial data structure
feature : make rect hashable and add __repr__ and __eq__
feature : make color hashable and add __repr__ and __eq__
bugfix : correctly interpolate on color
feature : add documentation hover over node in graph panel
feature : add drag, zoom option in config and the corresponding behavior in viewers
bugfix : app would behave badly if opening a project on the harddisk then cancelling.
version : 2021-05-07
bugfix : crash on using the file stack, because node / vnode were not reset properly
experimental : compileable rust test bed
feature : add (static) bookmark for comment.
misc : mostly space removal at the end of lines
features : new transforms ( move along vector, distance, current and next ) and convertion to vocabulary
bugfix : better management of comment during copy/paste
bugfix : better management of comment during copy/path
bugfix : correct return value when rendering preparation are finished. ( stops the spinner )
bugfix : forbid self connection ( outslot of a node connection to a input slot of the same node )
feature : integrating intrange and lifetime vocab
feature : repartition and take_int_until nodes
bugfix : accessor on r, g ,b were returning alpha.
feature : lifetime vocabulary
feature : adding use_context decorator
ui : update on t slider
feature : enum from the engine.
bugfix : normalizing project base path
feature : adding direction vocab
refactoring : renaming
refactoring : renaming
cleanup of unused import
bugfix : int output from sin
refactoring :  moveing the fast rect datatype into its own module
feature : coord space vocab
infra : packed spec files
infra : updating version
refactoring : trimming
bugfix  : compatibility with the new function signature
bugfix : compatibility with new gen_doc2 signature
feature : better display of running tasks
feature : modification for time based display
feature : adding the bbox named tuple class
refactoring : trimming, and failed attempt at comparing files
feature : time controls.
feature : adding the method needed for correct display in rendering.py ( + trimming )
feature : python version of the react stream ( for debugging mostly )
refactoring : removing the conversion to fast rect as all rect are fast rect
bugfix :  correct reverse integer range.
refactoring : filtering out the none received in the accumulator, ( sent from the engine )
feature : creating the curve module adding the curve vocabulary to the catalog.
refactoring : trimming space and removing the vocabulary class ( now in itemmodel )
refatring : trimming space
feature : vocabulary in catalog item factories with goc integrated
refactoring : removing the convertion to fastrect as all rect are cython now
refactoring : better error message on file not in project
bugfix : prtecting launch behind __main__ ( for multiprocessing )
feature :  new cython extention, rect stream and timeline
feature : get_rgba255out
performance : trying an alternative way to build mp4
feature : export to mp4 ui.
bugfix : correct name for modulo
bugfix : correct rect constructor
feature : vocabulary and node for tileset
feature : preparing ui for export mp4 + small fix on menu order ( putting help last )
feature : copy with kept value
feature : export to mp4
feature : copy with value kept and  lock on node for generation
infra : ignoring the build folder of the rust module
feature : first version of the lock on view.
bugfix : for compatibility with cython version of rect ( the only one now )
perf : removing the memory cost of the bnumpy array.
feature : updating the animated gif export with the values from the timeline transform
bugfix : correcting constructor for compatilibty with the cython version of rect ( the only rect type now )
feature : cython part of the time transforms
feature : time tranforms and aligning imports and modulo transforms
core : first rust module.
refactoring : using cython Rect as the base types for rect (2/2)
refactoring : using cython Rect as the base types for rect
bugfix : better color gradient when crossing the 1 limit.
version : v2021-02-25
version : 2021-02-25
refactoring : renaming.
bugfix : move_to
feature : adding rect_set_difference node
bugfix : small compatbility fix for local test of comment.
bugfix : fix reuse of the import_gen code for new project creation.
feature : export animated gif through better value tags ( see commit before ) "start_t" and "end_t"
bugfix : returning early if no node to process
bugfix / refactoring : better encapsulation of value tags.


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