Big Release ( version : 2020-09-08 ).

It took a bit of time, but the new version of Rectitude is ready. :)

It is a big release with a lot of changes and improvements. While I expect there will be bugs or adjustments, this marks the beginning of the end of the beta phase. I will now focus on stability, documentation and asset packs.

The release log is pretty long ( see below ) but some features should be quite obvious when using the new version :

  • better performance,
  • better matching on the search,
  • auto-loading of dependencies,
  • undo/redo...

Release Log :

- feature : importing generator graph from one project to another.
- feature : graph ref interpreted as reducer. engine part.
- feature : graph properties dialog
- feature : adding reducer and comment to graph.
- feature : better search matching.
- bugfix : extending the event matching for undo/redo
- bugfix : was using the old color class
- feature : continuing on undo/redo.
- feature : undo/redo on export on values.
- feature : undo/redo on values factory.
- feature : undo/redo on graph operation.
- bugfix : the save as windows was named open file
- bugfix : init color for new color node.
- UI : adding "loading dependencies" on the loading overlay
- feature : adding a cython vector
- feature : finishing cythonization of color.
- feature : replaced color by cython version
- feature : wip on cythonizing color.
- faster move. cythinizing color
- perf : faster loading of cnx.
- bugfix on reloading imported graph too many times.
- bugfix : tags being shared.
- bugfix : mirror2 exclusive mirroring.
- bugfix : no execution if any node empty on the current node path
- bugfix : backup files not being deleted
- bugfix : better interpolation limit
- bugfix : tags not being transferred on some op - feature : clear tags op.
- feature : has_tag can test more than one tag with the all tag.


rectitude.exe 290 MB
Version 2020-09-08 Sep 08, 2020

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